Cluster is for the Community and by the Community


We can promise, Cluster will not be a hangout place to read a book or eat coffee and gossip. (Please don’t get us wrong, we won’t let Dullness & Boredom near cluster premises, but rather will have all the fun of the world), but it will be a place to get shit done and do something remarkable for yourself, community and the country, and earn some decent income in the process as well.

Many of our friends already have transformed their interests and passions into building good businesses without investing a dime, but by utilizing their knowledge and skills in a positive and right direction.

Our aim is to connect the community and combine the best talent of town under one roof, but everything comes with a price tag, Ever heard of TANSTAAFL ? (There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch).


  • High Speed Internet with Backup (PTCL/Zong)
  • Electricity with AC and Fans, Backup UPS to power laptop, Fans, Lights & Internet.
  • Water & Tea
  • Dedicated Chair & Table
  • Entertainment & Collection of books for reading
  • Technical Assistance


  • Yakhne ke 8 AM na tar 6 PM
  • Aw Garmi ke 8 AM na tar 8 AM
  • Officially, we will be closed on Saturday and Sunday but we will be open for any urgent tasks or event


Cluster is a shared workspace created specifically for freelancers, startups, small business owners, telecommuters and other independent professionals.


 <span “>Orange Door, 3rd Floor, Block B, New Spenzar IT Tower, Adjacent Gul Haji Plaza, University Road, Peshawa